23 March 2020
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High Judicial Council decision on the work of Courts

Acting on the Ministry of Justice Recommendations regarding the work of courts and public prosecutor offices during the state of emergency declared March 15, 2020, the High Judicial Council rendered a Conclusion setting down cases that are to be heard as a matter of priority.

Namely, hearings are adjourned starting from March 19, 2020 until the state of emergency is lifted save for the following priority cases.

In criminal law matters:

  • hearing custody applications;
  • Concerning crimes of “Illegal Trade”, “Failure to Act Pursuant to Health Regulations During an Epidemic” and “Transmitting Contagious Disease “;
  • Against juvenile offenders, or where the injured party is a juvenile under Chapter 18 of the Serbian Criminal Code – Sexual Offences.
  • Hearing domestic violence cases;
  • Where there is a risk of obsolescence and
  • Concerning crimes committed during the state of emergency and in a connection with the state of emergency.

In civil law matters:

  • Hearing injunction applications (their imposition, extension or cancellation);
  • Hearing applications for domestic violence restraining orders;
  • Hearing applications for media gagging orders
  • Hearing applications for detention in neuropsychiatric healthcare institutions and
  • Concerning the enforcement of family law orders.

When it comes to civil law matters, please note that the High Judicial Council has not adopted the Ministry of Justice recommendation to continue hearing bankruptcy and enforcement proceedings, meaning that all bankruptcy and reorganization procedures have been adjourned.


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