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20 Mar 2020
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COVID-19: EU Amends Regulation on Medical Equipment Export Controls: EFTA out, Western Balkans still in?

As announced (see above tweet thread here) by Commission trade head, Phil Hogan, the EU already amended its Regulation so as to exclude EFTA and a number of other countries.  However, EU enlargement countries, including EU candidate countries, such as Serbia and Montenegro, continue to be subject to extraordinary export controls for basic equipment necessary to combat the COVID-19 outbreak (press release available here). On March 15, 2020, European Commission approved a Regulation on the export authorization requirement for exports of personal protective equipment (PPE) outside of the European Union (available here). Adopted by urgency procedure, and followed by the Guidance […]


COVID-19: Compare multiple jurisdictions across the globe with TerraLex

We are pleased to share the TerraLex Coronavirus Business Response Resource Center with you. It is a compilation of business solution resources from TerraLex members, some of the finest and best ranked firms, from around the globe relevant to contracts, labor, business continuity, etc. TerraLex and its members understand that in the rapidly evolving challenges posed by coronavirus and the prospect of recessionary times ahead, businesses are struggling with a variety of issues and looking to their trusted advisors for help. This Resource Center functions just like our cross-border guides. Visitors can select specific topics of interest and specific jurisdictions […]


EU Imposes Travel Ban & What Happens to International Trade?

On March 17, 2020, the European Council endorsed a 30-day travel ban to the EU together with a whole range of other boarder management measures.   EU Member States commenced with their implementation later that evening. The adopted travel restrictions are initially set to last for 30 days but may be prolonged if necessary.   It is noteworthy that not only Member States but also the four associated countries within the Schengen zone (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland) agreed to the travel ban. The adopted Guidelines for border management measures to protect health and ensure the availability of goods and essential services […]